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Songs of the Tribe Of Judah
(CD 1 in the Worship On Series)
UPC 191091381830 (14 tracks, ≈61 minutes, $11.99)
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When Dave was a member of the worship team at a church he attended some time ago, he was also a member of a subset of that worship team, which formed a band that sang on other occasions and in other, more public venues. This smaller group called themselves The Tribe of Judah, after the name referring to Jesus in Revelation 5:5. Dave and one other member of the group wrote most of the songs they performed, and in this album are the songs that Dave wrote, along with improved orchestration. The reason for the name of this album is twofold: first, these songs were written when Dave was writing songs to be performed by the band called the Tribe of Judah, and second, because Judah means “praise and worship,” which is what Dave prays this music will inspire in you.

“I have been listening to the Tribe of Judah songs on repeat! You have the most amazing voice! The whole atmosphere in our apartment shifts when your music is playing!! So good!”
Deborah Darling, Prayer Deacon, Trinity Church, New York, NY

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Track Excerpts
1.  Break Up Your Fallow Ground  YouTube video link
2.  Call Unto Me  YouTube video link
3.  His Children Once Again  YouTube video link
4.  Father, You Are My Master  YouTube video link
5.  Trust in the Lord  YouTube video link
6.  Jesus, Accept Our Praise  YouTube video link
7.  Holy Father  YouTube video link
8.  Sing Aloud  YouTube video link
9.  The Earth Shall Be Filled  YouTube video link
10.  The Spirit of the Lord  YouTube video link
11.  Jesus Said  YouTube video link
12.  The Lord Reigns  YouTube video link
13.  Attend Unto My Words  YouTube video link
14.  Where Is My Honor?  YouTube video link

Worship the King
(CD 2 in the Worship On Series)
UPC 191091456378 (8 tracks, ≈36 minutes, $10.99)
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The second album in the “Worship On” series, Worship the King is intended to draw the listener from a passive “listening” mode and into a more active “worshiping” mode. As you listen to the words of these songs, you’ll notice than many of them are taken straight from the Bible, and as such, are excellent tools with which to learn Scripture. Even the ones that are not taken directly from the Bible are laden with Scriptural concepts, whether their context is worshiping Him in the beauty of holiness, the story of an Appalachian moonshiner who encounters the living God, a description of every believer’s job on earth, a joyous proclamation of God’s glorious traits, or a simple acknowledgement of the most basic understanding of every believer: that the Lord is good.

Watch video playlist for this album on YouTube! YouTube video link

Track Excerpts
1.  We Worship You  YouTube video link
2.  Bringin' Heaven to the Earth  YouTube video link
3.  Sing Unto the Lord  YouTube video link
4.  This is the Fast  YouTube video link
5.  Fire In My Bones  YouTube video link
6.  Lord, You Are  YouTube video link
7.  Let Us Reason Together  YouTube video link
8.  The Lord is Good  YouTube video link

Go Into All the World
(CD 3 in the Worship On Series)
UPC 191091479742 (8 tracks, ≈46 minutes, $10.99)
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This album, the third in the “Worship On” series, acknowledges the importance of Jesus’ exhortation to “Go into all the world” and preach the gospel to everyone (Mark 16:15–20). The wheat field image recalls Jesus’ commands to pray that laborers will go into the fields, because the harvest is plentiful (Matthew 9:37–38). Because of that emphasis, this album contains songs echoing Isaiah’s cry “Send me!”, marveling at God’s mercy, showing how a Caribbean man sees Jesus gloriously working among his people, expressing the hunger that God’s children feel to get into His presence, recalling a portion of one of David’s psalms that he gave to Asaph and the other worshippers to sing, and more. My hope is that your heart will be touched with compassion for those who don’t yet know the inexpressible joy of being a child of God.

“When I listen to Dave Arns’ music or read his books, I am lifted into a God adventure. Scriptures come alive with majesty, hope and joy. In the midst of the clanging noises of everyday life, peace permeates my heart and soul. Father God’s heart is revealed in a mysterious dance of movement freeing me to rejoice. Inherent is these beautiful tapestries of biblical truths is conviction to improve without the condemnation of failure. I invite anyone to sing along and meditate the reality of God’s eternal love. Enjoy!”
—Rose Sprenger, M.Ed., retired math teacher, Colorado
Prophetic Team, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Colorado

Watch video playlist for this album on YouTube! YouTube video link

Track Excerpts
1.  Send Me  YouTube video link
2.  Holy is the Lord  YouTube video link
3.  His Mercy Endureth Forever  YouTube video link
4.  Stand and See  YouTube video link
5.  Give Unto the Lord  YouTube video link
6.  Waa Gwaan, Mon?  YouTube video link
7.  Lord God Almighty  YouTube video link
8.  Getting Hungry  YouTube video link

I Have Not Forgotten You
(CD 4 in the Worship On Series)
UPC 191091673331 (9 tracks, ≈51 minutes, $10.99)
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All tracks on the above CD are downloadable/streamable from these sources:

This album, the fourth in the “Worship On” series, endeavors to respond to those in the body of Christ who have heard God’s promises, both those in the Bible and those He has spoken to them personally, who remember His prophetic words, and who feel like it is taking forever for those promises to come to pass. To such people, as well as to those who have experienced great hardship in their lives, God’s unchanging faithfulness comes through in I Have Not Forgotten You, and His love in a conversation between the heavenly Father and one of His beloved children in That Will I Seek After. In Hear and Do, a believer discovers the simple but profound secret to living in God’s presence, and in Truckin’, a truck driver has a divine appointment with a couple of the Lord’s servants. Other songs include the word of the Lord coming to a cattle driver crossing Death Valley, a believer echoing Moses’ heartfelt cry to see God’s glory, and an expression of intense spiritual hunger when such a large outpouring of that glory—a “glory storm”—is seen building on the horizon.

“Thank you so much for your music Dave. This morning I was in the garden worshipping and flagging to the song I Have Not Forgotten You. The sounds are clearly prophetic and when you sing them the timing of God is released and when I listen I feel an agreement with the songs that brings heaven to earth. Your Davidic anointing ushered in more of God’s Presence in Tahoe this morning. There is agreement in prayer and in this music there is also agreement between the Davidic voice releasing the word and the worshipper! I am agreeing with this sound and these songs! Thank you for giving us this prophetic message that is unique in this new season! What a blessing!”
Deborah Darling, Prayer Deacon, Trinity Church, New York, NY

Track Excerpts
1.  Flashpoint  No YouTube video yet
2.  Speak to These Bones  No YouTube video yet
3.  Show Me Your Glory  No YouTube video yet
4.  That Will I Seek After  No YouTube video yet
5.  When the Throne Touches Down  No YouTube video yet
6.  I Have Not Forgotten You  No YouTube video yet
7.  Truckin'  No YouTube video yet
8.  Hear and Do  No YouTube video yet
9.  Send the Glory Storm  No YouTube video yet

Dry Bones to Living Stones
(CD 5 in the Worship On Series)
UPC 191092184676 (9 tracks, ≈54 minutes, $10.99)
CD available from:

All tracks on the above CD are downloadable/streamable from these sources:

This album, the fifth in the “Worship On” series, describes several different aspects of God’s process of building His people—His “living stones”—into a holy and glorious temple He can inhabit. One song tells of the Father’s desire to give us the Kingdom; another tells about a surfer hearing the voice of God promising a wave of the Holy Spirit; another portrays the hunger to drink deeply of God’s Spirit—a hunger we should all have. Yet another describes the realization that the long-awaited revival of societal transformation into wholeness and health has finally arrived; another tells the story of a bored and lukewarm Christian discovering that there is more! Another relates the little-known key to Jesus’ success in ministry, and another tells in a new way the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace. And finally, a song that expresses the passion of a believer who doesn’t want to miss out on what God is doing in these days.
Track Excerpts
1.  The Father's Pleasure  No YouTube video yet
2.  Getting Thrown Into the Fire  No YouTube video yet
3.  Do Not Pass Me By  No YouTube video yet
4.  Exalted One  No YouTube video yet
5.  The Wait Is Over, and the Weight Has Come  No YouTube video yet
6.  Lukewarm Blues  No YouTube video yet
7.  The Wave is Coming  No YouTube video yet
8.  I Wanna Drink Real Deep  No YouTube video yet
9.  Eyes to See, Ears to Hear  No YouTube video yet

Churches and Worship Leaders

All the songs on the albums above are available for you and your church to sing in congregational worship or as special numbers. Contact Dave at for chord sheets and/or accompaniment tracks.

Author’s Bio

Dave Arns was raised in church, but didn’t start actually serving the Lord until his sophomore year of high school, in 1972. In grade school, junior high and high school, college, church, and extra-curricular activities, Dave was involved in musical endeavors in many different contexts and for decades, and has loved music and its power to grab your heart. As Dave discovered after he started serving the Lord: when music is filled with God's Word and His goodness, it can literally change lives.

The “Worship On” Series of Music Albums

Dave’s current music project is the “Worship On” series of albums. The phrase “Worship On” not only parallels Dave's “Thoughts On” series of books, but it also points out a very significant truth about the destiny of those who choose to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives: Though many other aspects of normal Christian life on earth—evangelism, healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, suffering persecution, and so forth—will go away once we're in heaven, worship will not. Throughout all eternity, we will worship Jesus, the King of Kings. Far from being an arduous chore we will be required to do, we will spontaneously burst out into joyous praise and worship every time we see another aspect of God's goodness and love and holiness. As we discover more of God's marvelousness moment by moment, it will be more clear than ever that He is the only One worthy of our worship—no one and nothing else even comes close. Indeed, the word “worship” comes from the Old English phrase “worth-ship,” and He is certainly worth all of our worship.

So, Dear Listener, when listening to this music, feel free to Worship On. And on and on. . .  :)

If you wish to contact Dave, send an email to: